Comprehensive line handling for LNG vessels is an innovative approach to providing a range of services unique to this industry. From first line to last line, TSI is capable of handling all aspects of vessel mooring/unmooring, inspection and secure loading of ship spares and provisions as well as cargo arm connection and disconnection.

The need for comprehensive terminal services is growing. This service will be demanding and competitive. TSI’s range of services are unparalleled in this industry.

TSI has successfully provided services for over 245 LNG vessels and many more tankers and dry cargo vessels in Line Handling, Messenger Lines, Cargo Arm Handling, Vapor Arm Handling, and Gangway Placement with Zero incidents. In addition, we have successfully provided services for over 74 LNG vessels in Warehousing, Vessel Spares/Equipment receipt and delivery to and from Warehouse and Vessels.


TSI has provided site maintenance at the LC Turn basin for over 7 years. These services include:

  • Mowing
  • Weedeating
  • Herbicide weed control (LDAF Commercial License #00139656)
  • Bush hogging
  • Site clean up


TSI manages and maintains a 54,000 square-foot Bonded/Non-Bonded Facility for a global LNG company. These services includes maintaining proper documentation of receipt and delivery to and from warehouse of vessel spares and equipment in compliance with US CBP regulations.


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