Company Overview

Terminal Services (TSI) was founded in 2003. Since inception, TSI has maintained very high standards in safety of operations and services. Our comprehensive approach to supporting the needs of our clients has allowed us to provide diverse dockside operations services to our clients that are unique to the marine industry. TSI’s overall objective is to maximize the total value created for the customer by up scaling the combination of quality and service.

TSI has successfully provided services for many LNG vessels, tankers and dry cargo vessels in an array of services with zero incidents. TSI also manages and maintains a 54,000 square-foot Bonded/Non-Bonded Facility for a global LNG company, in addition to ongoing site Maintenance and site Security services for over 7 years at the LC Turning Basin location. Specific tasks and responsibilities are available if needed.


Our Values

We want Terminal Services, Inc. to be a company based on:

Personal Values

Our Company continues to honor its principles through the application of the Golden Rule. These principles include trust, honesty, fairness, integrity, compassion and an appreciation for the unique contribution each of us has to offer.

Work Environment

We are part of a company where dedicated employees share a sense of responsibility to enhance our companies well being as well as each others. Individual creativity is encouraged. Combined with accountability and our commitment to excellence, the result is personal and professional fulfillment.


Statement of Values

As a corporate company, we embrace our heritage of integrity and strive to serve by the following principles:

  • Fairness and honesty in all our relationships
  • Mutual trust
  • A respect for ourselves and others
  • A sense of caring that leads us to act responsibly toward each other and society, now and in the future
  • Loyalty to our clients and one another
  • A spirit of open-mindedness as we deal with all
  • Dedication to service
  • Good stewardship of our resources
  • A commitment to flexibility and continuous improvement

We each take personal responsibility to live these values in all of our dealings, knowing full well our pledge may involve difficult choices, hard work, and courage.


Quality Statement

Terminal Services, Inc. team members come from total quality environment companies, where ISO9001 is the norm. This vast experience has been brought to TSI where it is applied everyday in all aspects of business and services developments. Terminal Services, Inc. is committed to meeting their stated objectives including safety and productivity.